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We are absolutely delighted to have you join our prestigious cricketing community, where passion for the game meets unparalleled rewards and recognition. As a cherished member of the CricketPRO family, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for choosing us as your ultimate cricket destination. LET’S GET STARTED!

While following this step-by-step guide…, ensure that you are always logged in so your menu options appear as displayed according to this instructional guide.

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  • After Registering you should have received a CP$500 sign up bonus which you will find inside your e-wallet.
  • Once logged in click the drop-down menu at “HI USERNAME” followed by the “MY E-WALLET” tab
  • Scroll Down to -> UPGRADE USER LEVEL -> Select Level -> Free Access-> UPGRADE LEVEL
  • You should notice now that cricket bats & snr. gloves are discounted by 10% for the next 6 months.
  • Cash Back Rewards are also activated on all your purchases.
  • NOTE: This will be the steps to follow whenever upgrading to higher levels in future.

CricketPRO Profile Icon


  • Click the drop-down menu at “HI USERNAME
  • Then Click on the “UPDATE PROFILE” tab
  • Add a “PROFILE PIC” (Complete these next steps to populate in our players directory)
  • Fill in all the fields 100% so we have as much information about you and the qualities you possess on the cricket field. (Be honest and accurate)
  • ALL MY LINKS – be sure to connect at least one of your social media handles preferably Instagram. “Copy your profile URL and paste it here” (This will ensure that you earn rewards when you comment and like our posts).
  • VERY IMPORTANT – Add your Referral link and Coupon code to your profile to automatically collect rewards points when someone signs up via your profile.
  • ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS Complete your verification by uploading your Birth Certificate or ID Smart Card, Bank Confirmation, any other supporting documents (Optional) at the “Member Uploading Zone”
  • ONLY FOR SUBSCRIBERS You will also find your CricketPRO Players Contract uploaded over here.
  • Access Members ignore all uploads in last 2 steps… HIT THE UPDATE BUTTON and you’re all set.



This is where all the magic happens in the Players Rewards Program a tab you will visit very often during your time as a member. Your E-wallet is only visible to you and safely stores your earnings, access to higher levels along with your personal referral link. Let’s Begin!

  • Click the drop-down menu at “HI USERNAME” followed by the “MY E-WALLET” tab
  • Scroll Down slowly -> Here you can View your points balance
  • Find a summary of New Ways to earn
  • View Points Log –> Click here to see transactions of your earning and how it was rewarded to you. Earning are categorized and descriptive of how it was achieved.
  • Membership List “See Your Own level” – You have the ability to upgrade yourself “Click Select Level” and once the minimum required points are reached it will appear here.
  • View & Check the Discounted Categories and the duration of your contract per level.
  • Milestone Rewards – Submission for on-field performance rewards.
  • Check out The Top 20 Earners in the program and their rewards points.
  • Always strive to be in our Top 20 listing for added bonuses or additional rewards.

CricketPRO Rewards System


Below are some helpful off-field ways to increase your rewards balance without hitting or bowling a cricket ball:

  1. When you purchase any product/s, you will earn up to 10-15% cash back.
  2. If you not purchasing yourself share your affiliate link or coupon code with a prospect and when they make a purchase you will earn automatically 10% from their order value.
  3. *New* LIKE & COMMENT @CricketPRO_Net Instagram or Facebook posts within 24 hours and earn rewards. Ensure your Instagram profile url is connected to your CricketPRO profile.
  4. *New* Leave us a 5-Star Google review of your experience with CricketPRO follow this link -> Google Review Page
  5. Always share your link with players who will eventually buy so you can earn from their purchases. Be strategic
  6. Copy and share your referral link via WhatsApp or Instagrams DM’s.
  7. Copy and paste your referral link or profile link in your Instagram and Facebook Bio.
  8. When amongst your teammates share your link and help them register on their phone so you ensure they have used your affiliate link.
  9. A great method to gain sign-ups is to simply show your own player profile on the CricketPRO website and tell them they can do likewise. Explain that they will also earn rewards when registered., then share your personal referral link via WhatsApp.
  10. HIGHER REWARDS means QUICKER SUCCESS – Fast Track to a higher membership level. Study all the information and set-up presentations about the program. Invite 3 to 5 players you know to a small educational workshop and share your link at the end. If you require any more information or content let us know. We always a phone call or video away. (Notify us in advance)
  11. The rewards earned from membership sign-ups can also be paid out in cash to your preferred South African bank account on a monthly basis when you reach the Platinum Level.



At this tab you can view or download a List of Players Rewards and the various earnings available to you as a member. Check your member level and the earnings associated with it “Free Access, Gold, GoldPLUS, Platinum or Diamond VIP”. This document gives you an overview of where the levels differ in rewards earnings and how you can accumulate your points in the program.

  • Click menu at “HI USERNAME” followed by “PLAYERS REMUNERATION” tab
  • Click “Download or Print this page” and stick it up in your room.
  • Your motivation to every match day and innings is different to the next player
  • Once you’ve reached any milestones on this list submit your on-field milestone rewards and your rewards will be added to your e-wallet – Email:
  • Milestone Rewards Submissions can also be done here right below the performance chart.
  • Some benefits are automatically paid out by the computer system to your linked e-wallet.



At this tab you can view or download a Comparison Table of all the Benefits associated with each Membership Level. After viewing the document, assess where you find yourself in your personal game and choose the appropriate level to start off. Each membership has a minimum age to enter and differs on the benefits available to that level. Once you’ve decided on a starting point choose how you will approach and plan your success to make the most from your journey to Diamond VIP.



At this tab you receive various Social Media Promo & Marketing options for those rare and special occasion where you can multiply the viewers and traffic on your personal posts with CricketPRO. Some of these options are included in our membership subscription plans so does not cost. But for the sake of our Free Access members, we have the paid for steps below.

  • Click the drop-down menu at “HI USERNAME” followed by the “PROMOTIONS” tab
  • Select between our Instagram and Facebook Page
  • “Shoutout!” Or “Booster Ad”
  • Selection Option and Add to Cart
  • Complete your payment and We’ll set the TREND!


STEP #7 – CUSTOMIZE MY BAT (Subscriber Menu only)

A selection of 3D Embossed Bat Sticker and Professional performance English Willow cricket bats not displayed on our shelves and online store. These are handcrafted by the finest bat makers in India along with the best press, profiles and pick-ups. Only accessible to members right here at this tab or contact us directly for more information…

  • Click the drop-down menu at “HI USERNAME” followed by “CUSTOMIZE MY BAT” tab
  • Choose your Grade of Willow
  • Correct size of Bat
  • Selection of Branded Stickers
  • Weight/Pick-up of Bat
  • Handle Shape and Grip
  • Preparation includes Warranty



While writing blogs or creating content our team of editors may require images bigger than the usual KB size. We’ve conveniently linked “WeTransfer” right here to your menu bar for a more simplified method of sharing directly with us.

why us



Q – Must I be logged in to place orders and earn rewards?
A – Yes, we highly recommend that members take advantage of our automated online features for earning rewards, especially when purchasing products. However, we also understand that there may be instances where certain items require a more personalized approach, this will require a quote sent via email and making an EFT payment.

Q – Can I earn rewards on my previous purchases before registration?
A – Yes, only if you’ve ordered a Cricket Bat in the last 12 months from us – *We understand your interest in earning rewards before registration; however, implementing such a system would introduce significant administrative complexities. It would require us to revisit and modify the points system, leading to potential issues and confusion among other members. This, in turn, could trigger a domino effect, as everyone might expect similar adjustments, making the overall process less efficient. We want to ensure a smooth and fair experience for all our members, which is why we have the current registration-based rewards system in place. Rest assured, once you are registered, you’ll have access to an array of exciting rewards and benefits.

Q – Can I use my points to buy products?
A – Yes, The Player Rewards Program was carefully designed to empower players with easy access to premium gear and renowned brands, even as their prices have significantly increased over time. At our company, we hold our loyal and committed clients in high regard and offer them the wonderful opportunity to acquire products using their accumulated reward points, either partially or even completely free of cost. Embracing this program ensures that our valued customers enjoy the best experience with top-notch equipment and merchandise.

Q – What is the minimum required in order to buy products?
A – The minimum required to buy products is 15,000 points. With this minimum threshold, you can start using your accumulated points to purchase a wide range of exciting products from our selection. Happy shopping!

Q – How does the cash pay outs work?
A – The cash payout system for rewards is available exclusively to members who have enrolled or earned one of our higher tier memberships. Once you qualify for these premium tiers, you can redeem your points for cash or opt to receive cash payouts. These payout categories include rewards for sign-ups, commissions on sales, and specific annual awards. It’s our way of showing appreciation to our valued members and providing even more benefits as you progress within our rewards program.

Q – What if I want to place an order off the website, do I still earn my rewards?
A – In such cases, the manual process will come into play, and our dedicated admin team will be more than happy to add the rewards manually. It’s essential to us that our members can benefit from the rewards system regardless of the purchase method they choose. So, whether you use the automated process or require a more personalized transaction, rest assured that you can still earn your rewards seamlessly.

Q – Can I use my rewards points at other stores?
A – Yes, dependent on your membership level and availability of the item at our store. You can use your points at another store and we will gladly use your points balance to initiate the purchase on your behalf.

Q – Do my points expire or fall away after a certain time?
A – YES and NO:
Yes The expiration of rewards points depends on your membership type. For our Free Access members, points accumulated will have a validity of 3 months (90 Days) if not utilized during that period. *The points will be used to unlock the level it has passed otherwise it will remain in your wallet if less than 15000.
However, we have fantastic news! Once you’ve subscribed to one of our wonderful packages, starting from as little as R99 per month, your points will remain available for your enjoyment until you decide to cancel your subscription or transfer them over to another member.

This way, you can fully embrace the benefits of our subscription packages and make the most of your valuable rewards points without any concerns about expiration. Happy earning and redeeming!



If anything was not covered or clear enough you welcome to Mail us: or pop us a WhatsApp 078 025 8285 or call during office hours Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm – Visit us: 5 John Tyres Close, Ottery Cape Town. WC 7808