Gold Membership

15000 Points

To Unlock this level you require CP$15,000 Points or Purchase any Cricket Bat (R5000+) or 🚀 FAST TRACK below for Immediate Access. *Sponsorship access are given to qualifying players. (T&Cs Apply)

Rookie Contract 20-100% off and 10% cash back on purchases and referrals.

🚀Optional Extra Benefits:

  • Everything in Free Access plus
  • Discounts on More Categories
  • Full Access Milestone Rewards
  • Full Access Commissions & Rewards
  • Basic Marketing Data Plan
  • CricketPRO Ambassador Code
  • Public Profile Listing & Maintenance
  • Extended 12-Month Cricket Bat warranty cover
  • Automatic Free Pass to GoldPlus after 24-Month contract is completed.

🚫Please Note: Players must be 13 years and older to FAST TRACK. T&C’s Apply