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Please Note: Performance Rewards are only eligible for players between the age of 10 – 25 years. *Warm-ups, Friendlies or Sunday League matches will not be considered for rewards earnings. 

The date when milestone was achieved must correspond to the date of uploaded proof.
We only payout Milestone rewards within the time frame of a month (30-day period)
Please select milestone/s achieved and submit your proof below.
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💸💰Top 20 Earners💰💸

This Leaderboard features our Top Performing Members in the CricketPRO Rewards System.

Customer Ranking Name Points
#1 liam 43346
#2 gerhard 38999
#3 corneviljoen171 30349
#4 foster 21449
#5 natebaird 21239.6
#6 dammas 18486
#7 jessica 18324
#8 dylan 17600
#9 ryantm 17246
#10 renier 14947
#11 waldo-kemp 14898
#12 malan67 14648
#13 ncricket 14393
#14 h-p-kemp77 14031
#15 celliers 13998
#16 pmentoor 13215.8
#17 deon 13078.6
#18 kienzel 12497
#19 divan_94 12399
#20 kian 12298

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